Hi there everyone! This is the penbird website! How cool am I? Here's hwhat all the buttons are for.

1) Firstly off we've got the first (this page) button, which can be locatified up and left next to me where I dance. Okay that button obviously has Ph on it, which means Pen Home, my (this) home or/ of this page, the home/ front page that we are all looking at now, reading this message.

2) W. Winston's page, where in about ten years they may/ won't be a picture of Winston and facts about his birth.

3) C. That's for contact...as in write me a letter! send me some cool stuff or that.

4) Tp, The Penbirds. Here's where my famous adventures are stored off.

5) Pen Gallery. Here's where you can see the gallery that I done and it's got Dr. Kind.

Well, that's it. So click them and then maybe I'll have a reason, the chocola...